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Own the F.A.B. Woman in YOU!

Be Fearless, Authentic and Bold

September 18, 2020

9:45am – 5:00pm EST

Don’t miss this unique virtual experience!

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Are you tired of letting fear stop you?

Are you ready to adjust, change, and pivot your business for continued success?

Are you determined to make your next 12 months your best yet?

If you answered yes to these questions, then join us for our 6th Annual Come Find Your FAB event 

A FABulous Message from the Founder Shanna Kabatznick

This year’s event will focus on what it means to own the F.A.B. woman in you.  Be a Fearless woman, Authentic leader, Bold in business, and step into your full potential.   It does not matter if you are a business owner or have a corporate job, or you are retired, or you stay home; you are FABulous, and we want you to “Own it.”

Yes, we are still dealing with the weariness of what this year has brought us. Yes, it is challenging at times to find the energy and the mindset to push forward, and that is exactly why you need to join us for this FAB Virtual Experience. This event is NOT just another virtual summit, or a webinar or just another zoom call. Instead, we have curated a program to deliver the best of the best. 

When you attend Come Find Your FAB 2020, you will:

Learn from award-winning speakers


Experience a virtual event like no other


Have opportunities to connect with FABulous women all over the world


Receive a F.A.B. Box sent to you a few days before the event. (For FIRST 50 to register)

Leave feeling inspired, energized and ready to Own the FAB Woman in YOU!

Meet Our Speakers


Shanna Kabatznick
Own the F.A.B. Woman in You!

About Shanna

A top producer in her field, Shanna was the rare Latina in the Million Dollar Round Table (M.D.R.T.), Women Leaders’ Symposium, and many other leadership conferences, who continuously broke records in sales and customer engagement… READ MORE

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be genuinely FABulous – Fearless, Authentic, and Bold? How would that impact your career, business, and life? Would you be more innovative? More productive? More influential? Have better communication and stronger relationships?

If you are ready to take that leap, or you are feeling stuck trying to figure out how to move forward, you will find this presentation empowering and motivating to do just that.

This presentation will:

  • Motivate you to stand up and own who you are
  • Silence that inner voice that sabotages success
  • Boldly embrace your purpose.


Confidence Karma

About Pegine

Pegine is the only Latina and one of only eight women inducted into the 60-member Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame, and others include Anthony Robbins and Jack Canfield READ MORE

Laugh, learn and be inspired as you embrace the Confidence Karma principle. Confidence Karma says, “how you perceive what happens to you, occurs because of your thoughts, and those thoughts cause your actions which drive your results.” Confidence guides your perception, guides your thoughts and actions, which drive positive results. Women have influence, impact, and people know it. The saying “If Momma Ain’t Happy Aint Nobody Happy” proves that for generation, people know our state of mind influences everyone. Confidence is both a feeling and a developed skill. You can change everything when you build your Confidence, have Confidence, and live confidently. Learn the four guide points to create Confidence Karma; and two techniques that you can incorporate now that can build your confident state of mind and strategies to master your Confidence during an entertaining, educational experience with Pegine. 

Participants will 

  • Relate to the concept of “what you think is what you get.”
  • Define Confidence Karma
  • Demonstrate the Confidence KARMA chant
  • Apply the four guide points to create Confidence
  • Plan how to incorporate the three habits into their day.
  • Practice the answers for “How Are You?” so you convey your confidence Karma

Click here to listen to the Confidence Karma song 


Mary Foley
Keep Your Red Cape Flying by Pivoting for Progress and Profit

About Mary

Mary’s own hustle started with a 10-year corporate career with AOL – when AOL was cool. But, after experiencing the glass ceiling, she left to find her next adventure… READ MORE

Are you anxious to get more clients and generate revenue like you did in B.C. (Before C.O.V.I.D.)? But wondering what you need to do differently as C.O.V.I.D. continues to propel us into A.D. (Another Dimension)? Do you want to feel excited again about your business?

Throw on your red cape and let’s go! In this interactive session, women’s business coach Mary Foley will share the exact approach she uses with her REV UP Society clients to help them successfully pivot when the quarantine started – and keeps them going strong today. Through small group exercises and real stories, you will start imagining how you can pivot your business for progress and profit.


  • The most important thing you need to do right now to increase your revenue AND serve your clients
  • Why doubling down on a few marketing strategies will get you farther faster (than spray and pray)
  • Your #1 revenue-generating superpower that will NEVER fail you!
  • The key to being fearless in a world of fearful
  • Real stories of how real women pivoted their business 


    Erin Leigh
    Skip Feeling Salesy: Find Your Successful Sales Style

    About Erin

    Through writing, speaking, coaching, and consulting, Erin encourages and guides her clients to live in “self-integrity,” a state of conscious alignment with values and goals… READ MORE

    If you’re in business for yourself, you’re a salesperson. No one knows your business better than you. But if you’re not “born with it,” wearing the stereotypical sales hat can feel seriously uncomfortable.

    What if you didn’t have to feel that way? What if you could wave a magic wand and turn yourself into a calm, cool, and collected closer? What if your business could not only survive but thrive… without making you feel weird, uncomfortable, or pushy every time it came time for your client to sign on the dotted line?

    When you sell “in style,” you can effectively market yourself, your service, and your products without having to become someone you’re not.

    In this special C.F.Y.F. session, we will:

    • Explore not just one but EIGHT unique selling styles with the Everything DiSC
    • Determine which sales style resonates for you personally
    • Understand how your style’s values translate into practical, authentic sales techniques
    • Learn how to leverage your unique DiSC style to close deals with your own “brand of bold!”


    Jennifer Foxworthy
    Drawing the Line: Creating Healthy Boundaries to Improve Self-care

    About Jennifer

    Jennifer served her country as a member of the US Navy for 21 years and retired as a Chief Petty Officer (E-7)… READ MORE

    “Drawing the Line: Creating Healthy Boundaries to Improve Self-care” is an interactive presentation to explore ways to have supportive, healthy, and respectful relationships with self and others. Boundaries help remove negative relationships that serve no positive purpose. In addition, healthy boundaries create limitations to prevent a person from being taken advantage of or exploited. Finally, we must draw boundaries within ourselves of excuses, low self-esteem, failure, and fear. 

    In this session, we will:

    • Identify acceptable and unacceptable behaviors
    • Gain an understanding of how boundaries help improves self-awareness and self-care
    • Discover ways to create healthy boundaries
    • Implement strategies and techniques to create healthy boundaries

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