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October 22, 2019 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Zoom meeting

Explore Our October ConFAB Topic:  

The M Word Part 2: Standing Up for the Price, Owning Your Fee, Asking for the Salary You Deserve

In September, we began the conversation by discussing our stories about money.  What are the messages that we’ve received and that we believe about saving, spending and having money?  How has this impacted our behavior, our work, our feelings, and our financial well-being.  You can listen to the recording here.

In October, we turn the conversation to money as pay—salary, fees, earnings.  How do we set our rates and command our salary?  What is the relationship between our value, the value of what we do and the money we are paid?  How can we develop a relationship with money that is beneficial, abundant and comfortable?

Join us for this important conversation about the money that we earn.

*** Registration is not required to attend ConFAB. Please check the event page in our FABWOMEN Members Only group on Facebook for the Zoom link so you can join in the conversation on October 22nd. ***