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FAB Leadership

Dianne Hentzen, Membership Director

Dianne Hentzen, founder of Caring Touch Concierge, helps savvy business owners and business development professionals retain customers and increase referrals through the Art of Client Appreciation. Whether through personalized cards, hand delivered gifts, client event support, or more, her approach of “Say it, Ink it, Gift it!” sends a powerful, positive message to clients at the fraction of the cost of customer acquisition and leverages your precious time.

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Nakita Stowell-Stevens, Communications Director

Nakita is the chief content specialist among the FAB Leadership. Her responsibilities include working with Shanna to extract her vision and ideas to communicate to the members and the public. She works with Shanna to develop email content, blog content and other outward communications to share her vision and plans for FABWOMEN.

Nakita is the Word Stylist!  WordStylist works with small business owners to help them tell their stories. A genuine connection is made when a business owner can share more of themselves with their customers and their prospects. This is achieved through their direct communication channels such as their website, blog, social media and email marketing. Word Stylist works with their customers to craft messages that accurately reflect their vision and character, helping their audience see who they really are.

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