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Location for in-person event:
Comfort Suites Innsbrook
4051 Innslake Dr, Glen Allen, VA 23060



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Are you a woman making an IMPACT?

Are you using your voice to INFLUENCE?

Are you ready to INNOVATE?

If you answered YES!!! then join us for Come Find Your FAB 2021, an event where you will learn from women changemakers, you will connect with supportive and inspiring women, and you will leave ready for your next big thing. As women, we want to make a difference; we know the importance of showing up in life and business. That’s why we have curated an incredible and FABulous lineup of women speakers to share their expertise with you!

FABWOMEN is all about bringing diverse women from all over the world together to learn and support each other. Our CFYF all-day signature event takes that mission to a whole new level. Get ready to LEVEL-UP with us! Check below for the speaker’s information and to register! Together we can IMPACT, INFLUENCE, and INNOVATE!!

This event is NOT just another virtual summit, or a webinar, or just another zoom call. Instead, we create an EXPERIENCE that delivers the best of the best.

When you attend Come Find Your FAB all-day event, you will:

Learn from award-winning speakers


Experience a virtual event like no other


Have opportunities to connect with FABulous women all over the world


Leave feeling inspired to take action and make an impact!

Meet Our Speakers


by Shanna Kabatznick CVP, FOUNDER of FABWOMEN

Shanna’s vision of creating a community where women felt included, supported, and uplifted led to creating an international network of diverse women.  FABWOMEN has continued to grow and evolve. Shanna believes in a bigger vision and that by continuing to embrace change, find ways to stand out, and support her members, she is creating a win-win relationship. Shanna will be starting the event with her high energy, inspiring thoughts, and fun laughter. Get ready to embrace what the FABWOMEN community has to offer.

About Shanna

A top producer in her field, Shanna was the rare Latina in the Million Dollar Round Table (M.D.R.T.), Women Leaders’ Symposium, and many other leadership conferences, who continuously broke records in sales and customer engagement… READ MORE


Queen Bee Empowering Virginia
by Heather Marie Van Cleave, Miss Virginia for America 2021

About Heather

Heather Marie Van Cleave is a daughter of two Broadway actors, a single mom of 3 amazing teenagers, a domestic violence survivor, and a fashion-infused Mental Health Advocate… READ MORE

If you are local to Virginia, you have probably heard her name! Heather Marie won the title and crown as Miss Virginia for America 2021. She is gorgeous and uses her INFLUENCE to support and empower women to believe in their worth to thrive in life no matter what they have gone through. After personally living in dark moments of her own life with fears & anxiety, she learned how to overcome and survive with a passion for helping others struggling to help them overcome.  Her passion is to empower her kids and everyone she meets by sharing her story and encouraging others to share theirs too.” In this presentation, you will:

  • Share in her journey of surviving domestic violence.
  • Learn ways to gain emotional intelligence and know your worth.
  • Step into your full potential no matter what


HOW TO WORK A ROOM® Embrace Serendipity for YOUR Success
by Susan RoAne

About Susan

You can meet, converse and connect with “strangers” at any event once you’ve heard Susan RoAne’s presentations or read (or listened to) her landmark bestseller: How To Work a Room®…. READ MORE

The abilities to meet, mingle and make meaningful connections are not only preferable, but after a year of remote work and isolation, they are ESSENTIAL. As we begin to return to meetings, events, and gatherings, those who engage others— as they interact face-to-face —will enjoy the additional benefits of developing rapport and trust that are the foundation of long-term relationships and referrals.

Research on shyness has yielded an interesting fact: Over 90% of American adults self-identify as SHY. That includes founders, venture capital funders, vendors, colleagues, potential clients, and partners.

FORBES recognized Susan RoAne as one of the nation’s Top 25 networking experts. The Economist is the best-selling author of the new Silver Anniversary edition of How To Work a Room® and communication strategist who gets her audiences up on their feet practicing their in-person socializing skills that build relationships.

As a result of this presentation, attendees will have tools, strategies, and practical application to:

  • Create A FIVE Point Preparation Plan
  • Draft, deliver and practice a memorable Self-Introduction
  • Approach “Strangers” and “Break the ice” at meetings, conventions, and social functions
  • Engage comfortably in Small Talk and Turn it into BIG TALK
  • Converse confidently Face-To-Face using the OAR™ method building rapport, referrals, and relationships
  • Navigate the cues and etiquette of our new, post remote reality
  • Embrace the Three Ways to Exit from conversations GRACIOUSLY
  • Connect and stay engaged with others in the workplace and personal space
  • Follow-up and stay connected both digitally and using OLD SCHOOL Personal
  • Have FUN in the process!!!


    Connecting on Clubhouse Lead with Heart & Inspire
    by Dyanne Joyner

    About Dyanne

    Dyanne Joyner is all about Heart-Centered Leadership and helping women entrepreneurs around the world get their message out in a way that feels good and connects to the hearts of their clients… READ MORE

     In the world of marketing, social audio is rapidly growing in popularity. Clubhouse has proven to be a platform that allows you to make quality connections quickly without having to worry about your hair, make-up, or lighting! Graphics simply aren’t enough anymore, and for some, video has been a bridge too far. Clubhouse is an easier way to super-charge your visibility. It allows you to instantly connect with people from all over the world on the topics that matter most to you. You get to share your expertise, learn directly from experts you may not have ever had the chance to meet, collaborate with amazing leaders and grow your community in a way that outpaces other platforms. If you’re not on Clubhouse yet, what are you waiting for? During this interactive session you’ll learn:

    • The basics of clubhouse
    • How to optimize your profile
    • Key to finding and creating the best Clubhouse rooms to grow your brand
    • Understand how to use CH to grow your business authentically


    How Women Influencers use LinkedIn to Share their Voice and Make an IMPACT
    Panelists: V. Lakshmi (Rachel Beck), Kenyatta Turner and Raquel Borras

    The beauty of a virtual event is the power we have on bringing a diverse panel of FABulous women together to share their voice and thoughts on using social media to share their stories and make and an IMPACT.  We know that the number of followers on social media is not the only thing that matters. Still, when together Rachel, Raquel, and Kenyatta have over 250,000 followers on LinkedIn, it means that their voice has a further reach and stronger impact. Each of our panelists uses LinkedIn to connect their audience, support them and inspire them.  Raquel Borras uses LinkedIn to share her message most genuinely and authentically by being vulnerable. Because of that, she has been given incredible opportunities like starting her YouTube channel Raq The Boat and becoming the Founder of the youth 17 and under social network XXO.

    To understand the power of positivity, you must get to know Rachel Beck! Her philosophy on using LinkedIn is to have a way to pay it forward and make a difference. Rachel believes that being an influencer on social media is a responsibility and wants her voice to make an impact. Knowing Kenyatta is knowing a powerful network on LinkedIn. Kenyatta has used her influence to share her knowledge and expertise and shed light on people’s “superpowers” Together, these 3 FABulous women will provide you with a panel that will leave you excited, motivated, and ready to build your following. Like Rachel says, “You start with one and never dismiss someone at the beginning of their journey.”


    About V. Lakshmi

    An award-winning international photographer, V. Lakshmi has owned and run a photography business in the Midwestern United States for eight years and counting. Writing is her next adventure… READ MORE

    About Kenyatta

    Kenyatta is a Behavioral SuperPowers Coach, Speaker, Author, Radio Talk Show Host, and is an Accredited Business and Financial DNA Consultant through DNA Behavior…. READ MORE

    About Raquel

    Raquel is the Founder of RAQVISION, powered by XXO Connect, and the Chief Excitement Officer of True To You Branding… READ MORE

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