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About Shanna

Thank you for visiting my page. My name is Shanna Kabatznick and I am the Founder and CEO of FABWOMEN. The road to creating FABWOMEN was not an easy one. It was paved with many detours all leading me to something I could have never imagined.
I was born in Quito, Ecuador to a Spanish Catholic mom and an American Jewish dad.  Needless to say I learned to embraced diversity early on and as I have grown it has truly become something I continue to cherish and learn from.

After graduating high school, I came to the United States for College where I went to Mississippi State University. (Yes, I speak more on this topic at some of my presentations). The rest of my story is a fairly traditional one.  I finished college, stayed in the States, got a job, settled down, had kids and lived happily ever after. Wait that is not exactly how it happened

Detour #1 – I did not settle down!  Due to my husband’s work we moved a lot which meant I had to meet new moms, make new friends, learn new places and start a new job every time.

Detour #2 – Happily ever after? Unfortunately, that did not happen either. I found myself yet again, in a new place, divorced and with two kids. It was at that moment that I made the decision to take charge! Up to that point, I’d always let others take charge – my family, my dad and my husband! Now, it was my turn. Once again in a new, unknown territory, I decided to press forward boldly instead of packing up and moving home. That is when, unbeknownst to me, the foundation of FABWOMEN began.

See it is in times like these that we as women can get our brightest creations. FAB is my oxygen, it is what I need to get motivated. When I know that I am using this business to encourage other women that found themselves experiencing detours in their life and help them feel good about their new journey and move forward. It’s funny how things work out. You think you are on the right path but for some reason, that path changes direction and you realize that it is this new path that forms you to the woman you have now become.

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