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FABWomen was one of the first networking groups I attended as I started to step out more with my business.  I am a rather quiet person and can easily stay on the edges of a group, but that didn’t happen with Shanna Kabatznick in the room!  She welcomed me warmly and introduced me to others, and within a few meetings I met women who have become friends, collaborators and sources of support.  I even had the opportunity to speak with a co-presenter and so got to know even more women.  I am so grateful for the open and supportive atmosphere of the group.  Being a member brings even more opportunities to both have fun and learn to know others better, so we can all support each other in bringing our gifts out into the world.  Thanks, FAB!
Lois Kniss

, Soul-Gardening.com

Over the past 18 months, it has been my privilege to be a part of a community of powerful women in Richmond called FABWomen. The first time I signed up to go, I spent the entire day before at an event, being tired and “networked” out I didn’t want to drive over an hour to get to there. I am so glad I did!!!  What an awesome experience and it is exciting to see the astronomical growth since. NOW…we are excited to invite you to Charlottesville!  

If you enjoy supporting, uplifting, encouraging and empowering other women – while receiving the same – then you owe it to yourself to join us!

Cindy Stillwell Chronister

, Core Health Thermography and Wellness

Attended my first Fabwomen event yesterday. Shanna, you have created a fabulous community of women. I saw some old friends and made some great new connections. Enjoyed it immensely and time well spent. Talk about Learn, laugh, connect. You delivered on all points. Job well done. Thank you Shanna!!!
Shelly Pereira

Consultant, Verance Consulting

What a wonderful fellowship it was at the FAB Breakfast. So many beautiful, powerful women. Thank you for not giving up on me by sending the invitation regularly. It matters. This was my first meeting. I hope to be at the next one. Peace, joy, love and hope to each of the new and old friends I met today. Heart to Heart.
Shirley T Burke


First, I want to say that Shanna Kabatznick’s Fab Women community has been so much fun to attend as a member ~ with all of her energy, the programs, the other members…it is a true delight to see the 2nd Friday of each month come up on my calendar.  I was honored when Shanna ask me to host a table for the September meeting.  I met lots of great women, shared what I do, and had lots of great feedback.  Getting new clients as a result of the table hosting was the icing on the cake!  Thank you Shanna for your vision, the commitment, and your passion!  You are truly FAB!!!
Susie Galvez

Author, Beauty Consultant,

I decided to try a Fabwomen event, May 2015, because business networking is essential to business development. Each group has its own culture or vibe and adjusting to the networking “style” of each different group can be overwhelming at times. Fabwomen has given me the permission I needed to just be my authentic self, and to “connect” versus “network.” That method of forming connections fits like a favorite, shoe! and now I practice it myself.  Shanna’s vision of, “Learn-Laugh-Connect” is being fully realized and consistently practiced.  I am inspired! I love this “FABULOUS” group!
Beth Royal

, Stone’s Throw Studios

When our time on this Earth is done, the only thing we leave behind is the impact we have made & the love we shared….Shanna you are doing just that…. both in fact. By creating this environment, by sharing your vision, passion and love you are changing lives….. one woman at the time. THANK YOU.
Dominique Frattacia

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, & Blogger: Author of Ask Mama Frat