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December 18, 2018 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Holiday Inn Express
9933 Mayland Dr
Richmond, VA 23233

If we were to ask you if you achieved your desired goals for 2018, what would be your response? It’s likely that you are happy with some of your outcomes, but there were probably some disappointments as well. That’s to be expected as everything does not always go exactly as planned. But, despite any obstacles that may threaten to stand in your way, how would you like to confidently and boldly declare success in 2019?

You can achieve what you want in 2019. It will require boldness, commitment and lastly, a succinct, tangible plan. Are you ready to get started? Join us for our West End FAB this month as Jennifer Einolf, of Bold Whisper, shares how we can boldly step into 2019 with intention and commitment to achieving our dreams and goals. Jennifer will guide us through an exercise that will bring our vision to life and inspire our actions all next year. Get ready to:

  • Understand the significant and powerful difference between rules and standards
  • Create an inspiring, personal one-page statement of vision, intention and standards for 2019
  • Learn an exercise to engage neurobiology to reinforce intention with muscle memory

Are you ready to declare and act on your boldest goals? Let’s be intentional with our vision for 2019. Start by registering for this event today.