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If you did not get a chance to attend our February FAB Event, “Let Me Upgrade You”, you really missed out on a treat. As women, the first person we tend to take for granted is ourselves. We don’t take the time to examine where we are in life so that we can know where we’re going. Big thanks to Shelly for coming in and reminding all of us of our vision for success and what it takes to keep it top of mind, and for helping us to discard all of the unnecessary baggage that has been holding us back.

I wanted to echo her words to you this week. We all started the year fired up and excited about the great things 2016 would bring, making this our best year yet. We are almost a quarter of the way through the new year. How are you tracking toward those goals? Is your vision still clear? Have you broken down your goals into what you need to do monthly, weekly, daily? How are things looking?

I pose these questions to you because it’s about this time of year that many of us become complacent. We lose focus on what is important and fall back into the old habits that lead us down the path to nowhere. If you’ve fallen off track with your goals, it’s okay; let’s get back up and start again. I want to share a couple of quick tips to keep you focused on your goals moving forward.

Write them down. Nothing happens until you write your goals. And, I don’t mean putting the in your cell phone or your iPad. Write them down.

Look at your goals daily. It’s not enough to just write your goals. You have to look at them daily because this is what inspires action. So, if you wrote your goals in January and put them under a pile of papers somewhere in your office, dig them out. Make sure they are still in alignment with what you want to accomplish and make it part of your daily routine to look at your goals and meditate on them daily.

Speak your goals. There is power in your words. Speaking your goals on a daily basis activates your subconscious, creating a need to see them fulfilled. It also inspires confidence. As Shelly suggested in our FAB meeting, use a mirror when you speak your goals. Remind yourself how FABulous you are as you speak your goals daily.

Make it a habit to do these small things on a daily basis and watch what a difference it will make. These are just a few steps you can take to begin “upgrading” your life. I can’t wait to check back in with you in a few months to see where you are.

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