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July 23, 2019 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Zoom meeting

Explore Our July ConFAB Topic:  How Do I Know That I Can Do This?

Accomplishing big things requires big risks.  It takes courage to take the risk and self-esteem to believe that we are qualified to do so.  How do we build up our faith in our capabilities, our courage and our tolerance for the discomfort of doing the thing we aren’t sure we can do?

There is a widely quoted statistic that says that men will apply for a position when they believe that they meet 60% of the posted requirements for the job, while women will only apply if they believe themselves to be 100% qualifired for the job.  It’s probably a little more complicated than that, as this Harvard Business Review report suggests (https://hbr.org/2014/08/why-women-dont-apply-for-jobs-unless-theyre-100-qualified). 

The reality is that we often fail to take the action because we aren’t sure we’re qualified, capable or even lucky enough to succeed.  However, nothing ventured means nothing gained.

We will discuss the times when we took risks and the results we received from those actions.  

How do you deal with the discomfort of uncertainty?  How do you muster your courage?  

How do you know the difference between unreasonable fear and realistic thinking?  

How do you know you’re enough (spoiler:  Because you are and you can be!).

*** Registration is not required to attend ConFAB. Please check the event page in our FABWOMEN Members Only group on Facebook for the Zoom link so you can join in the conversation on July 23rd. ***